Hutong Courtyard Beijing
Hutong Courtyard Beijing
tranquility in central Beijing
  • A hidden gem in old hutongs in downtown Beijing

  • tranquil part of small alleys

  • traditional courtyard of Chinese feature

  • authentic life of local people

  • old lifestyle submerged in cosmopolitan

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Light from China 

China suffered a lot from the Corona virus. What we've done and learned maybe different from yours, but could be a reference. Read more about Chinese fighting against COVID-19.

Dashila Hutongs & Qianmen area

Hutong is the name given to a narrow and small alley, lane or street between rows of courtyards in the old time of Beijing. Originating in the Yuan Dyansty (Mogolian power 1271-1368), Hutongs welcomed its heyday in the Ming & Qing dynasties. They're collections and desmonstration of traditional life style of local people. Skyscrapers and modern apartments increased dramatically since China's booming economy since 1980s. Many old parts of Beijing were pulled down and vanished. The Hutong area now accounts for a small portion of the fast-expanding cosmopolitan.

Dashila Hutongs are located in the very heart of both ancient and modern Beijing. Most buildings are traditional Siheyuan courtyards. People here still enjoy their leisure pace life.  The narrow alley are dotted with trees, groceries, small parks, opera houses, kindergartens & schools. Many celebrities used to live here. More importantly it's still a quiet and peaceful are compared to busy Nanluoguxiang & Houhai.

Qianmen Street, next to Dashila Hutongs, is a commercial area for almost 600 years. It's well known for all kinds of top notch stores:  Beijing duck restaurants, silk, tea, ceramics, Chinese calligraphy, TCM pharmacy and more. 

Our courtyard is centrally located in Dashila Hutongs. It's 15 minutes walking to Tian'anmen Square & the Forbidden City, and 30 minutes walking to the Temple of Heaven.


Roo size: 28 s.q.m


King bed; Air-con; Heating; Shower; WiFi; Non-smoking; washing machine

Roo size: 33 s.q.m


King bed; Air-con; Heating; Shower; Stairs; WiFi; Non-smoking; washing machine

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